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Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs (is now titled
Extreme Grandparenting)

While this study was originally called Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs, it is now called Extreme Grandparenting. The contents of this study still have the Grandparenthood look, but the content matches the book.  You have the option of calling the study Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs or Extreme Grandparenting: The Ride Of Your Life, however, the promotional materials on the Facilitator CD-ROM are for Grandparenthood

It's not often you get such a significant second chance. Don't miss it. Your grandchildren need you to be the best grandparent you can be.

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Extreme Grandparenting helps readers understand how to make the most of the new role of grandparent and how to grow the next generation for greatness.

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"Dr. Tim and Darcy Kimmel have successfully captured the very essence of God's special plan for the grandparent/ grandchild relationship and given us practical steps to get there. Every grandparent who longs to make a significant difference in their grandchildren's lives, now and eternally, needs this video series. It's encouraging, fun and essential for grandpa and grandma, multigenerational families, church or group study. Another Kimmel Home Run"
-Focus Over Fifty - a ministry of Focus on the Family

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I learned a lot from Grandparenthood: More Than Rocking Chairs. I went from haphazard actions to a much more purposeful role as a grandfather. I highly recommend the study and wish I had experienced it sooner in my life.
A Grandfather in Arizona